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Two New Rain Drinking Water Collectors

For Harvesting Your Own Delicious Pure Drinking Water From the Sky

Heavy rain

We're pleased to announce that in coming months, ClearDome Solar will be introducing two new types of unique family size rain water collectors that can harvest the purest, best tasting drinking water on earth--before it touches a roof or the ground.

The price of your self-collected rain water will always be free. The price of commercially collected and packaged water will continually get more expensive and not taste as good as pure rain.

One photo shows the large 6' x 12' RainTarp Drinking Water Collector prototype and the other photo is the small 2' x 4' Rain Drinking Water Pan Collector.

Large 6' x 12' RainTarp Drinking Water Collector prototype

Small 2' x 4' Rain Drinking Water Collector Pan prototype

It is more pure than tap water, which has a average of 350-500 parts per million of dissolved solids, and most processed bottled purified or spring water, which has an average of 25-50 PPM dissolved solids.

Most rain water collected with our two Rain Drinking Water Collectors, shown on the left, is comparable to conventional heat distilled water for purity, and contains about 1-5 PPM (parts per million) dissolved solids, when measured with a TDS meter (total dissolved solids).

Test results of fresh harvested rain water from our Rain Drinking Water Collector pan is shown inside the circle of a TDS meter in the photo below. For more complete rain water test results, please scroll to the bottom of this page where  you can see how you can test the purity of rain and tap water in your area. 

This paragraph from the Water Research Center explains TDS: TDS in drinking-water originate from natural sources, sewage, urban run-off, industrial wastewater, and chemicals used in the water treatment process, and the nature of the piping or hardware used to convey the water, i.e., the plumbing.

In the United States, elevated TDS has been due to natural environmental features such as mineral springs, carbonate deposits, salt deposits, and sea water intrusion, but other sources may include: salts used for road de-icing, anti-skid materials, drinking water treatment chemicals, stormwater, and agricultural runoff, and point/non-point wastewater discharges.

We, and all of our many taste testers consider it the best tasting water because it is so pure. 

Rain is the original pure distilled water

Rain is nature's way of evaporating, then distilling all exposed moisture on earth when clouds collect, then release the water in droplets that all living things must consume to stay alive. Evaporated water leaves all the impurities behind. However it normally is stored in lakes and earth or metal reservoirs, then is transported to us in rivers, streams, or pipes-- but on the way is exposed to a wide variety of minerals, pollutants, and contaminants in the ground and from bugs, animals and humans before being purified by chemicals and filters--but only in the more affluent and developed nations. 

While the water treatment process does make the water drinkable it adds chemicals, undesirable taste, and high cost to the water and many contaminants like heavy metals, drugs, some living microbes, and harmful chemicals are not completely removed. That affects the taste, smell, and purity. In undeveloped nations there is often little or no filtration so millions of people get sick or die from drinking bad, unpure water.  

 Pure 1PPM reading of fresh rain water

When the collection surface is clean and has no bird or insect droppings, or plant parts, the falling rain remains pure and uncontaminated, and can be consumed for many months after it's collected if the storage container remains clean and covered. For extended long term storage the water can be heated to 160 degrees F for 30 seconds (pasteurized) before drinking to kill any living tiny organic, but not harmful organisms. No further filtering is necessary and the taste remains delicious if the heating and storage containers have remained closed and previously only held clean water. 

Two sizes of transportable, easy set-up collectors

Our non-toxic, food safe, highly durable removable Large RainTarp Collector makes the ideal large collection surface, and when unrolled just before it starts to rain, the falling water remains pure and ready to drink in most locations around the world. It can be attached to a patio, roof or wall, as shown in the photo. 

A 6' x 12' sheet of our thick, non-toxic RainTarp can collect over 40 gallons of pure rain water from only only one inch of falling rain. No tastes, smells or toxic chemical residues are added to harvested water as it is collected, unlike most conventional tarps or roof surfaces. It has a unique wind resistant design configured for easy setup and takedown, and is made of the same type of UV and rot resistant material as our popular reflective Snow White CoolTarp.

Our portable Small Rain Drinking Water Collector Pan is lightweight and easy to set up and use in most outdoor locations. It comes with a three gallon food safe, unbreakable plastic water container, but larger glass, metal or food safe drinking water containers can also be used for storage. Pure rain water falls on to the clean, toxic-free surface of the UV protected 2' x 4' collector pan, then flows through a fine particle filter and drains into the water storage container below.  One  inch of rain will equal about four gallons of delicious pure drinkable water.

Both of these new design rain drinking water collectors are in the final stage of prototype testing and will be available soon on this web page for purchase. 

How to test the quality of your own Rain Water

If you would like to test the quality and safety of rain water in your area, here is an excellent easy-to-use $35 water test ki that will check for ten of the most common possible impurities or contaminates that can be found in drinking water.  Make sure you collect your rain sample in a clean, dry glass container in an open area outdoors--away from any roofs or trees. We've tested and verified the high quality of rain harvested from our Rain Drinking Water Collectors during the last year in Southern California and found that the water easily passed all tests for purity and safety using this kit. 

The tested water was stored for over a year in a closed drinking water container and was not heat or chemically treated in any way. More detailed tests can be performed by commercial water testing facilities that are contracted by water districts or facilities that routinely veryify the safety of public drinking water throughout the USA. Those tests can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars or more. Fortunately, because properly harvested rain is not exposed to most contaminates found in household tap water, it is more pure, safer and tastes better.


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