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Two Rain Drinking Water Harvesting Kits

For Collecting Your Own Delicious Pure Drinking Water From the Sky

Heavy rain

New! Watch for our two new Rain Drinking Water Harvesting Kits-

Small Rain Drinking Water kit proto on left, Large RainTarp kit proto is on the right

Small Rain Drinking Water Kit proto Large Rain Tarp

We're pleased to announce that in coming months, ClearDome Solar will be introducing two new types of family size rain water harvesting kits that can collect the purest, best tasting drinking water on earth--before it touches the ground.

Rain is nature's way of evaporating, then distilling all exposed water on earth that all living things must consume to stay alive. However it normally is collected in lakes and reservoirs, then is transported to us in rivers and streams, but on the way is exposed to a wide variety of minerals, pollutants, and contaminants in the ground and from bugs, animals and humans before being purified by chemicals and filters--only in the more affluent and developed nations.

While the water treatment process does make the water drinkable it adds chemicals and cost to the water and many contaminants like heavy metals, drugs, some living microbes, and harmful chemicals are not completely removed, which affects the taste, smell, and purity. In undeveloped nations there is often little or no filtration so millions of people get sick or die from bad water. 

Small Rain Drinking Water Kit proto

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When the collection surface is clean and has no bird or insect droppings (shown above), leaves or branches, the falling rain remains pure and uncontaminated, and can be consumed for months after it's collected if the storage container remains clean and covered. For extended long term storage the water should be heated to 160 degrees F for 30 seconds (pasteurized) before drinking to kill any living tiny organic matter. No further filtering is necessary and the taste remains delicious if the heating container has previously only held water. 

Our non-toxic, highly durable removable Large RainTarp Kit makes the ideal large collection surface, and when unrolled or unfolded just before it starts to rain, the falling water remains pure and ready to drink in most locations around the world. It can be placed on a sloped roof or suspended away from a wall with rope, as shown in the photo.

A 6' x 12' sheet of our non-toxic RainTarp can collect over 40 gallons of pure rain water from only one inch of falling rain. No tastes, smells or toxic chemical residues are added to harvested water as it is collected, unlike most conventional tarps or roof surfaces. Increase the RainTarp size and your harvest increases by over half a gallon per square foot.

Our more portable Small Rain Drinking Water Kit measures about 2' x 4', is lightweight and easy to set up and use in most outdoor locations. It comes with a three gallon food safe, unbreakable plastic water container with a spigot. Collected rain water flows through a particle filter, then into the container. A plastic hose can be attached to the filter assembly to fill larger storage containers. Slightly less than one gallon of drinkable rain water can be harvested from only 1/4 inch of rain.

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